Focus Areas & Social Issues

M.A.P.S. created a new section called Focus Areas & Social Issues. This section contains information sorted by Focus Areas. A few examples are age ranges including seniors and youth and topics such as mental health. This section is a work in progress, we add more information as it becomes available. See it on the website here.


The M.A.P.S. Website now features a Boundaries page. It contains boundaries of Neighbourhoods, Census Tracts, Wards, and more! See it on the website here.

Municipal Census Population Maps

The 2019 Municipal Census Maps show the age population by numbers and by percentage. As the City of Edmonton continues to grow, the 2019 maps include the three newest south neighbourhoods. See it on the website here.


M.A.P.S. has responded to requests from community partners in their efforts to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.  See the resources created Here.