Providing Accessible Transit Here (PATH)

A City of Edmonton program that provides free monthly transit passes to individuals who are homeless or are at high risk of homelessness.

Sponsored and convened by the City of Edmonton and provided through various social agencies, Providing Accessible Transit Here (PATH) gives vulnerable Edmontonians a monthly transit pass. This helps them to attend school and seek work and housing, as well as medical and other social services.

In 2016, PATH evolved out of the Youth Transit Access Project. The City of Edmonton, MAPS Alberta, the High-Risk Youth Initiative with the Government of Alberta and five youth-serving agencies (Boyle Street Education Centre, iHuman Youth Services, Native Counselling Services of Alberta, Old Strathcona Youth Society and Youth Empowerment Support Services) worked together to distribute 100 monthly youth transit passes. The project was successful and it expanded in November 2016 to include vulnerable youth and adults.

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