“As a settlement counsellor, I learnt a lot about developing formal partnership, informal, collaborating, referrals. but the best part is that is seeing how everyone’s opinion is valued at MAPS. I liked the hard work, and organized manner in which MAPS worked to hold the 4 Intercultural dialogues and a wrap up. It has been an exciting thing to learn about community development. In the showcase event I was so happy to have been given a chance to present and got great help from MAPS office to develop a presentation and encourage me to do it well. I formed informal partnerships with people in my block as arranging a dialogue, and seeing the overwhelming response promoted me to arrange the first block party and then many others followed. If I had not helped in having an Intercultural dialogue arranged, I would never have come to know that my neighbourhood was open to deepening further engagement events like block party. Thank you MAPS! I learnt about many referrals at the showcase event.”