“The Community Mental Health Action Plan has strongly benefitted from Deborah co-chairing the Evidence Foundation Leadership Team and from bringing her knowledge and networks to the Steering Committee. Deborah has increased the reach and collaboration of the Community Mental Health Action Plan through consistently showcasing the Action Plan at the annual MAPS Showcase, bringing up the work of the Action Plan at various community tables where alignments need to be made (and also bringing that back to the Action Plan), and ensuring work in the community supports the goal of bettering the mental health system. The MAPS team has strengthened both the breadth and the depth of the Action Plan work through new connections. Examples include awareness of the Youth Ban work, the study about youth’s experience in the emergency department, accessible transit, domestic violence advocates, and individuals with lived / living experience around mental health or navigation. The Action Plan has been able to incorporate some of these individuals and pieces of work into our work and the website.”