“MAPS has taken a strong leadership role in the Action Plan’s Living Library. Without the years of experience of knowing how to intentionally, genuinely, and caringly support and work with individuals with lived / living experience and professionals from a variety of backgrounds, we wouldn’t have had as successful of an event as we did on October 10, 2019. The care and support provided by MAPS in supporting individuals (in collaboration with City of Edmonton, Children’s Services) to share their experiences around navigation was key to the public event. As a result of MAPS’ connections and understanding of the importance of lived/living experience as evidence, we have been able to find opportunities for extending this work into the community and finding collaborative partners to sustain the Living Library. MAPS has also provided an essential role in facilitation, gathering stakeholders, and building deep relationships with everyone involved in the Living Library. This work takes time, commitment, and strong interpersonal skills. MAPS has been able to provide exactly those things.”