“As a result of a chance visit to the MAPS office by a new Edmontonian interested in social mapping M.A.P.S. had the honour of working with some City of Edmonton social work colleagues and 10 women who were survivors of domestic violence. The women were part of a support group looking for a way to use their experience to help our community understand the impact of domestic violence better and to help create a more effective support system for families experiencing family violence. Our team met with the women over 8 months to hear and map their stories and then together we compiled a composite map which consisted of four parts; family and community roots, the abusive relationship, seeking help and rebuilding. The women used the maps to tell their story and to address policy makers regarding their experience using the existing support system. The women expressed gratitude for being able to tell their stories, for being heard, and for having a meaningful way to reflect on their experience. They also appreciated being able to use the maps as advocacy tools and have since had great success in sharing their maps and experiences with leaders in our community, therefore contributing to social change efforts.”