M.A.P.S. Alberta Capital Region supports local area networks of human service providers within the Region in planning together by creating maps and assisting with their use within the planning process. M.A.P.S. was originally funded by the Community Partnership Enhancement Fund (C.P.E.F.), an initiative of Alberta Children’s Services, from 2004 until the end of fiscal 2008/09. M.A.P.S. is currently funded by the United Way of Alberta Capital Region, the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services.

During the C.P.E.F. funding period a great many collaborative efforts and successes were achieved. As the funding came to an end, a Legacy Report was written in order to celebrate them. If you wish to view the report Click Here.

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Deborah Morrison
Executive Director & Partnership Enhancement Facilitator
M.A.P.S. is committed to a community development approach which views each group of partners as unique. It is recognized that the community mapping process is achieved in a time frame as determined by the members of the partnership.

M.A.P.S. has identified five phases of community mapping. They are:
  • Joint Commitment: members agree on a common purpose; boundaries are defined and agreement is reached on what the group wishes to accomplish together
  • Creating Community Profile: information is gathered about the community; the information is mapped and; the maps are supplemented with narratives
  • Community Engagement: others are invited to review the community profile created; as agreed, the profile is revised and/or enhanced; community needs, strengths, gaps and resources are identified and; an action plan is created
  • Action: the action plan is implemented
  • Reflection: successes and challenges in working together are identified and documented; successes and challenges in achieving expected outcomes are identified and documented. And the cycle starts again with a discussion regarding ongoing joint committment to planning together

This is a visual representation of the above processes.

On September 10, 2007, we were excited to receive an Award of Excellence from ESRI Canada. It was presented to M.A.P.S. "in recognition of (our) innovative and exciting method of using GIS and mapping to support local area networks of social service providers." The entire article can be viewed HERE.

Within this website you will:
  • find a definition of community mapping,
  • learn more about community mapping as a tool for collaborative planning,
  • learn about M.A.P.S. and the groups we are currently working with,
  • view maps visualizing community, city and county demographic and resource information and,
  • find our contact information.
I hope you enjoy the site.