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Welcome to the MAPS Alberta Capital Region Wiki.

MAPS Alberta Capital Region works with the vision of a more holistic and collaborative approach to supporting the healthy development of children, youth, individuals and families.

This wiki was created with the intention to assist our partners in identifying relevant research and materials to support their work. Wherever possible, source materials have been included, linked to or identified. If you are using information from this wiki, please review and credit the source materials.

Our wiki is currently a work in progress, with new pages and topics being added. Please contact us for more information.

Topics currently available (or under construction) in our wiki:

Alberta: Resources for Local Information

Alberta: Resources for Local Information

Community Development

Community Development Models

Children & Youth

Alberta Youth
Chronic/Persistent Youth Offenders
Developmental Assets
Dropout Prevention Programs
Early Childhood Development Mapping Project Alberta
Home Visitation
Immigrant and Refugee Youth
Parenting Programs
Prevention of Gang Involvement
A Safe Place
School-Based Supports
Social Norms Approach
Street-Involved Pregnancy and Parenting
Substance Abuse
Youth Homelessness

Evidence-Based Practice: Resources

Resources for Evidence-Based Practice


Health Models


The Homeless Hub
Government of Alberta Youth Homelessness Initiatives

Knowledge Translation

Knowledge Translation

LGBTQ and Sexual Minorities

Inclusive Surveying with LGBTQ Participants
Guides for Allies

Mental Health

Evidence-Based Practice Toolkits
Treatment of Eating Disorders
Mental Health & Children in Care
Mental health and contact with police in Canada

Poverty Reduction

Poverty Reduction Strategies- Resources

Public Education

Effective Frequency - How many times do you need to see or hear a message before you learn it?
Public Education & Domestic Violence
Social Media & Health Promotion
Financial Literacy

The Social Services Sector

Continuum of Care - Definitions
Home Visitation
ThreeSource- Research and Resource Hub for Nonprofits and Social Services in Alberta
Collaborative Practice
Social Change

Substance Abuse

Substance Use Treatment and Care for Women with FASD

Violence & Trauma

Best Practices in Family Violence
Learning Network: Education, Research & Resources on Violence Against Women
Shift: Project to End Domestic Violence
Interventions to Reduce Distress in Adult Victims of Sexual Violence and Rape
Trauma-Informed Interventions and Youth