The Community Partnership Enhancement Fund (CPEF) was an initiative of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services between 2003 and 2009. The fund was created to provide dedicated resources to improving partnerships between Family and Community Support Services (FCSSs) and Child and Family Services Authorities (CFSAs) for the purpose of improving delivery of services to children, youth and families. The funds were distributed regionally with each Region being asked to submit an application with a plan for how the money would be utilized in their Region.

Region 6/Edmonton Evergreen FCSS formed a committee made up of FCSS and CFSA managers and staff and submitted an application for an annual budget of $404,000 for each year of the initial three year period. As it turned out, the fund was maintained for an additional three years allowing the Regional CPEF Committee to continue to support the development of new and innovative approaches to delivering services to children, youth and families to achieve significant results.

This report outlines the goals, strategies, activities and achievements of the CPEF initiative in our region. It represents the hard work of over 300 helping professionals who participated in partnership enhancement activities and collaborative planning over the six years of funding. It also documents the legacy of CPEF. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Deborah Morrison,
Community Partnership Enhancement Facilitator & MAPS Coordinator

The Report


Individual Appendices

1. South West Edmonton Community Mapping Profile Presentation
2. Parkland & Area Community Partnership Presentation to Parkland County Council (November 3, 2009)
3. Creating & Maintaining Effective Partnerships (Revised Nov. 2009)
4. South West Edmonton Profile
5. Strathcona County Community Partnership Enhancement (Revised Nov. 2009)
6. Sturgeon County/Fort Saskatchewan Profile
7. Parkland County & Wildwood Profile
8. Mill Woods Profile
9. Mill Woods - Youth Sub-Committee Profile
10. Mill Woods - Diversity Sub-Committee Profile
11. Northeast Edmonton (N.E.M.A.T.) Profile
12. Northeast Edmonton (N.E.M.A.T.) - Northerner's Sub-committee Profile
13. North Central Edmonton Profile
14. North Central - Enhancing Services Sub-Committee Profile
15. West Edmonton Profile
16. South East Edmonton Profile
17. St. Albert S.A.M.
18. Old Strathcona Edmonton Profile
19. City Centre Edmonton Profile
20. Leduc County Profile
21. Caring Community Collaborations: A Model for Working with Individuals & Families with Complex Needs (June, 2009)
22. Grant Summary & Achievements on Expected Outcomes
23. A Hero's Journey (January, 2006)
24. Camp Experience, Volume 1: A Partnership of Community Agencies Working Together for Brighter Futures (Revised Feb. 2007)
25. Changes Program Manual (June, 2006)
26. Needs Assessment Research for Somali Community in Edmonton
27. Should we dance? A Resource for effective partnering (Feb. 2007)
28. Enhancing Community Capacity to Engage & Involve Immigrant & Refugee Families: A Model for Inclusive Collaboration (June, 2008)
29. Building the Puzzle: A Forum to Work Toward a System-Linking Family Violence Protocol (July 15, 2008)
30. The Amazing Partnership Race
31. Success Stories from the Field: Harry Oswin (Chairperson, CPEF REgional Committee) & Patti Johnston, Region 6 CFSA
32. Success Stories from the Field: Debbie Bryson, Region 6 CFSA
33. Success Stories from the Field: Kim Williston, Beaumont FCSS
34. Success Stories from the Field: Marnie Lee, Strathcona County
35. Success Stories from the Field: Loraine Berry, Spruce Grove FCSS
36. Success Stories from the Field: Karen Bardy, Edmonton Public School Board
37. Success Stories from the Field: David Rust, Alberta Health Services
38. Success Stories from the Field: Tiina Payson, Edmonton Public Library
39. Success Stories from the Field: Connie Smigielski, St. Albert FCSS
40. Success Stories from the Field: Roxanne Tomkinson, Region 6 CFSA
41. Success Stories from the Field: Cathy Martin, Region 6 CFSA
42. Success Stories from the Field: Kelly Hennig, ABC Head Start
43. Letter of Support for Premier's Award of Excellence Nomination: Gloria Chalmers, Edmonton Public School Board