Collaboration Showcase (Tuesday, October 18th at Chateau Louis)


Collaboration Showcase (Tuesday, October 20th at Chateau Louis)


Collaboration Showcase (Wednesday, April 30th at Chateau Louis)
  • Presentations
    • Old Strathcona Safe Streets Phase 3: (Peter Smyth, Catherine Broomfield, Amanda Almond & Chaka Zinyemba, Old Strathcona Community Mapping & Planning Committee)
    • Schools as Community Hubs Collaboration (Lindsay Daniller, REACH Edmonton, Director, Community Initiatives & Development, Helen Rusich, Project Manager, REACH Edmonton, Melanie Kidder, Schools as Community Hubs Coordinator, Edmonton Catholic School District, Ann Nicolai, Schools as Community Hubs Coordinator, Edmonton Public School Board)
    • Leadership Challenge Update: (Deborah Morrison, M.A.P.S. Coordinator & Partnership Enhancement Facilitator, Tracy Bridges, Executive Director, Early Childhood Development Support Services, & Roxanne Tomkinson, Early Intervention Specialist, Quality Assurance Services & Supports, Human Services)
      • Presentation
      • LINK: Leadership Challenge Workshops: Information & Registration - Early Childhood Development Support Services Ltd. (
    • Social Mapping & Community Based Service Delivery (CBSD) (Tom Sutton, Regional Manager, Specialized Service, Edmonton & Area Child & Family Services, Human Services & Clay Golden, Regional Manager, Aboriginal Services & Supports, Edmonton & Area Child & Family Services, Human Services)
    • M.A.P.S. Update: Overview of Resources Available to Partners (M.A.P.S. Team, Deborah Morrison, Chaka Zinyemba, Michelle King, Amanda Almond, and Shama Noone)
    • Mental Health/Counselling Services in Edmonton: A Continuum of Support (Jenny Kain, Director, Family & Community Supports, City of Edmonton, Dean McKellar, Supervisor, Family & Community Supports, City of Edmonton, Jean Dalton, Director, Neighborhood Health & Personal Well-Being, United Way of Alberta Capital Region, and Amy Dixon, Community Investment Specialist, United Way of Alberta Capital Region)
    • Mill Woods Youth Council Social Norms Project (Amanda Almond, M.A.P.S. Research Coordinator)
    • Early Years Continuum Project (EYC): (Barb Reid, Executive Director, GRIT (Getting Ready for Inclusion Today) & Steering Committee Member, EYC)
      • Presentation
      • LINK: EYC Final Report and The Voice of Parents Report (
  • Pictures


Collaboration Showcase (Wednesday, May 1st at Chateau Louis)


Collaboration Showcase (Friday, May 25th at Chateau Louis)
  • Presentations
    • M.A.P.S. Update (Deborah Morrison, Partnership Enhancement Facilitator & M.A.P.S. Coordinator)
    • Introduction of the Social Atlas for the Alberta Capital Region (Marijana Bijelic, M.A.P.S. Social Geographer)
    • Discovering Lymburn (Maria Montgomery, Coordinator, Discovering Lymburn)
    • Outreach to Isolated & At-Risk Seniors-A Collaborative Approach (Sheila Hallet, Seniors Coordinating Council)
    • The Voice of Mill Woods Youth (Julie Cournoyer, Mill Woods Youth Collaborative)
    • Schools As Hubs (Ann Nicoli, Edmonton Public School Board)
    • Engaging Knottwood (Shireen Mears, Clarence Nelson, & Larry Brockman, Knottwood Community League)
    • Safe Streets (Considering the Impact of Social Exlusion on High Risk Youth) (Peter Smyth & Catherine Broomfield, Old Strathcona Community Mapping & Planning Committee)
    • The EMU (Early Learning Mobile Unit) (Scott Tumbuch & Corine Gannon, Edmonton Catholic School District)
  • Open Mic
  • Wrap Up


Joint Community Mapping & Planning Meeting (Monday, May 16 at Chateau Louis)
  • Introductions, Welcome and a Question for Participants
  • Highlights of 2010-11 Community Mapping & Planning Collaborative Process
    • Parkland & Area Community Partnership - Presentation
    • Out of School Time Care Initiative - Presentation
    • EC Map Update
    • A Student Voice Update on ROCK Program in SW Edmonton
    • Circle of Support - West Edmonton Mapping & Planning
    • Safe Streets Our Voice - Old Strathcona Initiative
    • M.A.P.S. Social Atlas Update - to view the Social Atlas click HERE
    • Barbara Dart - Community Change - Presentation
    • Deborah Morrison - Setting the Conditions for Collective Wisdom To Emerge: Lessons from John Ott - Presentation
    Participants then grouped the list of "Desired Changes" and identified three categories
    that were of interest to them. The groups were charged with answering the following questions:
    • If this change was achieved what would we see?
    • What is the current reality?
    • What do we need to do over the next 5 years to move toward this change?

    Here are their thoughts regarding the categories they chose: Achieving Change; Access to Services and, Collaborations.

    To view pictures of this event, click HERE